Mirka G. (Novato, CA)

As a non-Latin girl I was always fascinated by Latin music, especially Salsa… I joined Mark’s group classes and all I can say….What a great and fun experience! Now I finally believe I can also become a great dancer.

Mark is amazing! Great skills and very professional. Passionate about dance and teaching. They make you look good on the floor!

You will absolutely have a great time!

Dina A. (Vallejo, CA)

Just recently, I discovered that salsa is not just a dance, it’s a therapy for me.During one hour I forget about every thing, it’s all about having fun! My husband and I have never tried salsa before, we started at zero grounds. Mark and Carrie have so much patience and explain so well that we quickly got the basics down, now we are looking forward for every Friday, for the new moves and fun. We enjoy every minute of it and hope we can move like our instructors one day 🙂

Gina A. (Irvine, CA)

Mark is a fantastic and professional instructor. He creates safe space for his students to learn, builds up dances from their building blacks, and follows up with reviews that cement new learning. My husband and I took classes from Mark before our wedding, and after just 4 private lessons we were ready for our first dance, which – thanks to everything we learned from Mark – was one of the best highlights of the day!

Leila M. (Bolinas, Ca)

Salsa Marin are skilled, laid back and so much fun! We’ve been doing special salsa events with them for six months and they’re fantastic.

Emily R. (Los Angeles, CA)

Salsa Marin offers not only excellent classes, but it offers a fun and open community of dancers of all levels. Mark keeps things very fun and makes sure you leave feeling more confident and knowledgeable than when you came in. Typically the group on Fridays heads down to the Seahorse in Sausalito for social dancing afterward, which is a fun way to practice the moves you’ve learned in class. I highly recommend checking this out if you’ve ever been interested in learning a partner dance, felt a passion for salsa music, or are just looking for something new to try! PLUS, it’s a bright spot of Latino culture in Marin! Something to be treasured.

Diego A. (San Rafael, CA)

Salsa Marín is a great place for those who  want to learn how to dance salsa if you are one or you just want to improve than you ought to go there, and Mark is a good teacher  he will help you  how to be a good leader also if you are a lady Kathy will help you too .  Este lugar es súper

Testimonials (cont’d)

Todd M. ( Richmond)

What fun classes! Mark makes everyone feel comfortable and the other students are really nice as well. The whole group often goes to the Seahorse  in Sausalito afterwards to keep dancing. So glad there is a place for salsa in Marin again!

Andrew V. (San Francisco)

Fantastic instructors and environment. Come learn salsa, sharpen your skills, meet wonderful people and have a blast! Thanks to Mark and Kat for clear and helpful explanations. 5 stars!

Rachel M. (San Francisco)

I love this studio and Mark’s teaching. He can handle any level. So glad I discovered this studio shortly after moving to Marin. I join in the group class on Fridays and love the challenging moves but also the fun he infuses into every class. I highly recommend them for any level. I even started to book a private class here and there.

Lucie E. (Sausalito)

When I met Mark, I was already an advance dance. However, I still had some difficulties with some turns and foot work. Mark offered me his private classes and helped me to overcome my dancing obstacles. You should see me on the dance floor now!!! 🙂 I feel like he untangled my feet! On top of this, Mark is fun, patient, and always wears a big smile. He is the best! I highly recommend him!keep dancing. So glad there is a place for salsa in Marin again!

Eric C. (Fremont, CA)

Mark and Kat are fantastic, I’d never salsa danced before, and have steadily improved. I’ve been to group and private lessons with them and look forward to each week to see what I’ll learn next. Always a fun time. They’ve tailored a program that suits me and have been a great inspiration, highly recommend!

Katharine G. (Mill Valley)

Three years ago I started dancing at Salsa Marin and the transformation in my dance has been amazing! I learned timing and combinations that people use on the dance floor with me all the time. I also learned advanced salsa patterns that are unique to Salsa Marin. The Instructor focused on the development of body rhythm and encouraged improvisation and creation of my own personal style. 

Priscilla H. (San Rafael, Ca)

I love dancing, but I’m not a teenager, Mark and Kat meet you where you are and take you the next step. All ages are welcome and you get to dance with everyone, Mark included. Always fun, always respectful no  cookie cutter approach .Their instruction is flexible; they discover ways to  get you to understand and feel what you’re trying to learn. They know their students and take a personal interest in them.  Lots of Practice in group lessons; I have never experienced peacocks on the floor. Everyone helps everyone . Mark and Kat base their classes on who is in the room!

Morgan K.

Super fun teachers!  Mark and Kat are very warm and welcoming.  Highly recommended!

Tomio M. (San Rafael, Ca)

Salsa Marin has developed a fun and supportive dance program that has been the driving force of my progression from a complete beginner to an intermediate level dancer. Mark is a character! He leads the class with a lot of energy, humor, and expertise. His teaching assistant, Kat, plays the role of the anchor, who observes the progression of the class during the lesson and adjusts the pace to make sure we don’t get ahead of ourselves. They both are experts that will are able to help identify small details that will bring your ability to the next level. The community they are cultivating is inclusive and friendly. Anyone from complete beginners to advanced dancers will find a lot of value in this class.