Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a beginner … What is the best class for me?

Our Level 1 for Beginners is the best option for you, which we teach on Fridays at 6:15 PM. This class is perfect for those who are just starting out, or who have had a lesson or two before and need a refresher course.
We teach the fundamental steps of salsa and the basic movements to give you a solid foundation. No previous experience is necessary and no partner is required. You may also choose to take private lessons in order to expedite the learning process at a time that is convenient for you.

I don’t have a dance partner… can I still come to class?

You do not need a partner to attend our classes. At Salsa Marin, we rotate partners and everyone has someone to dance with. This encourages the development of positive dance habits as the instructor can provide hands-on guidance and feedback.

If I buy a group of lessons, will I have to attend classes every week, consecutively?

A package or group of lessons is valid for a period of six months from the date it was purchased. We recommend that you attend classes regularly to assimilate what has been learned. However, you are free to come to classes when it is convenient for you.

What kind of clothes or shoes do you recommend?

We recommend that you wear comfortable and stretchy clothing. If possible, use footwear with leather, suede or hard plastic material that does not leave marks on the floor. Rubber soles tend to be very sticky and adhere to the floor, making rotation very difficult and causing strain on the knees and ankles.

How many classes should I attend to be ready to dance socially?

Each person learns differently. To expedite learning, we recommend you not only come to class, but that you also find time to go dancing socially. On the other hand, taking private lessons in combination with group lessons, allows rapid advancement and produces the desired results. In private classes, the instructor can work with the student personally identifying areas of focus and providing the necessary guidance for the student to look good on the dance floor quickly.
Note: The suggested number of lessons for a beginner to purchase in order to become proficient at basic salsa movement and timing is the 12-pack.

If I buy a package of group lessons, can I share it with my partner?

You can bring your dance partner to class with you on your dance package. Couples tend to buy a 12-pack of lessons, which they use for 6 lessons together.

How do I book private lessons?

Purchase one lesson or a discounted pack of lessons online and we will contact you via email to discuss the dates and times that are convenient for you. Then we will book the lesson at our studio in the San Rafael. If you prefer to work at a location more convenient for you we are happy to oblige and can discuss the details.
Note: It is recommended for leaders without a partner to request an additional instructor, as well as for followers who wish to learn styling. An additional instructor is also recommended for couples so that both parties can practice the moves with a professional at the same time.

Do you teach private group lessons?

We do teach private lessons for your group. We can book the time at our studio or even come to your house or a location of your choice. Call or email us to discuss the details.

What do I do after I purchase my group lessons?

Purchase one group lesson or a discounted pack of group lessons and then just show up! We will keep track of the dates in which you came and you have up to six months from the purchase date to redeem your lessons!
Note: The suggested number of lessons for a beginner to purchase in order to become proficient at basic salsa is the 12-pack

Where do I park?

FREE Parking is available behind the building. Make a turn at the light on Professional Center Parkway and make an immediate right into our parking lot. 

We want to look good for our first wedding dance… how many lessons should we take?

We recommend six or more lessons to prepare you for your wedding dance.  If you want to put together a specific choreography, we recommend at least twelve.  Two instructors will be included (feel free to request a specific instructor).

My question hasn’t been answered..

Feel free to contact us with further questions via email: info@salsamarin.com or phone call 415.342.1649