Beginner (Level 1) Salsa

We know how difficult it can be to learn something new.  Our Beginner (Level 1) Salsa class is geared for people who are just starting out.  Our relaxed environment is perfect for newcomers and makes learning Salsa basics fun and simple. In this class you will learn basic directional steps, proper frame for partner-work and simple turn patterns.  We organize our curriculum so that the movements are easy to remember and so you won't have to be thinking too much on the dance floor.  Join us and learn the fundamentals Friday at 6:30PM!  No experience is necessary and partner is required.  Drop-in fee is $15.


Beginner (Level 2) Salsa "The Bridge"

Our Beginner (Level 2) Salsa class helps bridge the gap between our Beginner and Intermediate level classes.  We focus on the art of leadership, partnership and timing, while executing simple Salsa patterns.  In this class we introduce the Cross-Body-Lead, Cross-Body-Lead with turns and Cumbia patterns.  We integrate these new moves with moves from Beginner (Level 1) and introduce a menu system to assist leaders on the dance floor.  Join us Thursday at 7:45PM for Beginner (Level 2).  Drop-in fee is $15 and NO partner is required.


Intermediate-Advanced Salsa

This intermediate-advanced level Salsa class will build on the fundamentals you already know and help you take your dancing to the next level. We will introduce more complex footwork and a variety of partner-work combinations designed to improve the way your dance looks and feels, as well as your overall versatility as a dancer. Join us Friday at 7:30PM for our Intermediate-Advanced lesson.  Drop-in fee is $15 and NO partner is required. 

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Beginner Dominican Bachata (Level 1)

The authentic bachata dance is the original way of dancing bachata, originating from the Dominican Republic where the music also was born. Learn fundamental bachata footwork and partner work with a traditional Dominican flavor. You will learn how to lead, create your own patterns, dance to syncopated beats, execute turns and have fun with your partner. Join us Thursdays at 6:45PM for Beginner Dominican Bachata.  Drop-in fee is $15. No partner is required.

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Beginner Cumbia (Level 1)

Learn the fundamental footwork and partner work of this fun Colombian dance. We will teach you how to lead, follow and have fun with simple combinations.  Join us on Saturday at 5:30PM for our Beginner Lesson!  Drop-in fee is $15. NO partner is required. 

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