About Our Instructors

Mark Ellis

Mark is the founder of Salsa Marin.  He has been a part of the Salsa scene since its inception. 

For over 10 years he has committed himself  to helping students reach their personal dance goals and is constantly reworking his teaching methods to accommodate the way his students learn best.  His clever analogies, friendly disposition and good-natured humor keep his private and group classes lively and enjoyable!

"For me, life is enjoyed through music and movement and I try to share that joy with my students. I see Salsa as a form of life.  We live to dance and dance to live.  Salsa as more than just steps; it is an opportunity for individual expression as well a way of connecting with the world.   I teach my students to listen to the music, allow it to move them, connect, and become one with the music.  My goal is to encourage dancers to "feel" and not just to become step dancers."  

--Mark El


Our Instructors


Lucie Ebnerova

Lucie has been dancing with Salsa Marin for eight years.  She assists in teaching group lessons and specializes in showing followers how to look good on the dance floor.  Her valuable feedback helps expedite the learning process.  Contact us to request Lucie as an additional instructor for your private lesson(s).


Kat Gardner

Kat has been dancing with Salsa Marin for four years.  She works well with beginners in both group and private settings.  She partners with private students and assists them in learning how to effectively lead.  She is sensitive to the challenges that students face and helps to provide them with a comfortable and stress-free learning environment. Contact us to request Kat as an additional instructor for your private lesson(s).